Thursday, January 22, 2009

News: We've moved!

Here's the latest.  As of the first of the year, my old website and email address are no more.  My family and I have moved to Staunton, where my wife works, and now a lot of stuff on this blog is out of date.  

I reckon most of the links to Picasa slide shows and YouTube videos still work.  But I've had to move the my mp3s and personal stuff to a new Google website.  Here's the link.

Come see me play on the first Fridays at the Stone Soup Bookstore in Waynesboro, VA.  I like the grown-up suppertime gigs!  Home when my wife's still awake, and I don't smell of stale beer and cigarette smoke like in the old days.

As I can get the time, I'll update all the old, dead links on this page.  In the meantime, visit the new website.