Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hey all

I'm getting real tired of that particular picture of me on my blog reminding me that I haven't posted anything since May, except for the fact that now it's in the 100's, and I remember how cold it was that day. The summer Shenandoah Blues Fest at the Frontier Culture Museum (!) is coming up. I hope this one is more comfortable that the festival in May.

I haven't been writing much, and not playing out at all since shortly after this May gig.

I have for several months been primary caregiver for my wife's mom--who is about 8 years into Alzheimer's ch├ęz Day--we have had "issues" with trying to find suitable hired help, just to give me--and Sally and Emily--some well-needed respite.

Anybody who's done this knows what the job entails, so I won't be posting blow-by-blow accounts. But it should be on that TV show about crappy jobs. On the other hand, it is often just as funny. It is what it is.

Sally will be traveling all over the world this fall (South and Central America, West Africa, Asia), so I'll be holding the fort alot.

I resolve to record more music to share on this blog, for my own sanity's sake!

Chant for me, baby!