Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is amazing, that after all these years, four of six rolls of film I shot at the Atlanta Olympics Crossroads Festival in the first several days of the Olympics STILL had images on them! I just got them developed.

Concurrent with the Olympics, the Smithsonian Folklife folks and George Holt and an illustrious gang of eminent public sector folklorists (see if you can spot a few) were hired to put on a folk festival on three stages between the Coca Cola Pavillion (loud) and the crush of the "Global Village." It was, though we all had fun in the 100+degree heat, a fiasco. But only because the Atlanta Olympic Committee was so inept.  We were heroic, we were.

This was after the passenger plane explosion over the north Atlantic, and before Eric Rudolph blew up the backpack full of nails at the mainstage at Centennial Olympic Park.  I recognize a bunch of much younger folklorists and musicians in these pictures: Peggy Bulger, Paul Brown (now of NPR fame and fortune), me, George Holt, and some others..

About a quarter of the shots are from the Tennessee Folklife Stages along the Ocoee before the whitewater events. Roby Cogswell organized this one.  There were snipers in the woods above us, just in case.

There are still two rolls of black and white I need to get developed. Anybody know a lab that still does lack and white?